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The feed of this root section is a kind of summary made of all the top 4 levels publications taken from all the main site sections (main sections are now seen in the site menu).

For example, everything that lays under /eng/1/2/3/4 is not seen by the channel.

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  five o'clock shadow
[five o'clock shadow] {n. phr.} A very short growth of beard on a man's face who did shave in the morning but whose beard is  […]

лыка не вязать
[лыка не вязать] or [еле лыка вязать] {v. phr.} {informal} [`lyika ne vya`zat'] 1. Almost not being able to produce an  […]

put up a (brave or good) front
[put up a (brave or good) front] {v. phr.} To act courageously, even though one is actually afraid. When Joe was taken in  […]


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