Learning English — Idioms and Proverbs

A quick idioms and proverbs introductory video-lesson

What is an idiom? How should I use idioms? The following example idioms have been discussed:
- pot calling the cattle black;
- dont beat about the bush;
- all that glitters is not gold;
- easier said than done;
- waste not want not;
- the more you save the more you gain;
- look before you leap;
- don't judje the book by the cover;
- once bitten twice shy;
- back to the drawing board;
- his bark is worse than his bite;
- don't count your chicken before they have hatched;
- laugh all the way to the bank;
- through the baby out with the bathwater;
- there are no flies on smb.;
- a penny saved is a panny gained;
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