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insofar as
[insofar as ] {conj.} To the extent that; to the point […]

just so
[just so] (2) {conj.} Provided; if. * /Take as much food […]

much less
[much less] {conj.} And also not; and even less able or […]

now that
[now that] {conj.} Since; because; now. * /Now that dinner is […]

on condition that
[on condition that] {conj.} Providing that; if. * /I will lend […]

so that
[so that] {conj.} 1. or in order that; for the purpose […]

such as
[such as] {conj.} 1. Of a kind or amount shown or […]

such that
[such that] {conj.} Of a kind or amount that; so great […]