cover ground

cover ground или cover the ground  {v. phr.}
1. Покрывать расстояние; путешествовать.
Mr. Rogers likes to travel in planes, because they cover ground so quickly.
2.  {informal} To move over an area at a speed that is pleasing; move quickly over a lot of ground.
The new infielder really covers the ground at second base.
Herby's new car really covers ground!
3. Предоставлять или получать важные подтверждения или детали по данной теме или предмету.
If you're thinking about a trip to Europe, the airline has a booklet that covers the ground pretty well.
The class spent two days studying the Revolutionary War, because they couldn't cover that much ground in one day.
Категории: travel {informal} {v. phr.}

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