a) Your Cooking Place

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Now, let's split the dish preparation sequence into components.
Fortunately, we wouldn't get many.
Everyone, even a beginner cook knows, that those would be: ingredients washing/peeling (vegetables, meat, poultry, fish), cutting, thermal treatment and serving.
Based on this one should arrange their kitchen as a cooking place.
There are many companies offering custom-built kitchens. All you need is to make a choice among the materials and provide your composition of the pieces of furniture.
In fact, the kitchen furniture material — is a matter of personal taste (and purse, of cause :-) ). Nevertheless, natrual wood is always preferable in comparison with the plastic and wood chipboard.
Remember: kitchen atmosphere — is an agressive environment because of high humidity and air temperature, there is also water not only as liquid or gas, but also as ice. Consider also all sorts of agressive acid leakages (for example, dropped bottle with 70% vinegar) and you will get everything that is needed to spoil your wood chipboard. It's a matter of time.
Note: do not use softwood for kitchen furniture — it gums. Only deciduous wood, ideally — oak, beech, ash-tree. Noble wood casts noble aura, which is of no small account for a place where one sped a significant part of the life, after all

there's something more about kitchen than just cooking and eating

Indeed, in our kitchen we receive our best folks, we can stay far past midnight debating on the sense of life.
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