c) Cutting zone, stove and ventilation


Let’s move on

The oven (or stove) is directly bordered with the cutting table. Here our space is limited. On the left we have the cutting zone, over the stove — ventilation, on the right – the serving area.
Conclusion: You will have to find a place to store kitchen utensils — favorite pots, pans, coppers and others.
After all, the whole set could be prepared in advance, before cooking. With one exception:

Try to layout (hang) the tools required during the heat treatment on the right side of the stove:

skimmers, ladles, curtain rods must be always at hand (right hand!), and not be subject to be looked feverishly in the box on the other side of the kitchen and piled with old newspapers.
All the same, at the right hand, on the open shelves it is desirable to put jars with the kitchen "reagents" ;-) — salt, spices and seasoning.
Suppose our chicken fillet Stroganoff in red wine with cherry and orange juice is prepared. And on the right from the stove, the plates are waiting on the kitchen serving table. For this layout all you need is to take a stew-pan with your left arm, make a step to the right and quietly spread the ready dish on the plates.

Finally, the dishwasher completes the right-wing of our kitchen

Note — minimum efforts and unnecessary movements. Thus, for the left-handed — the same sequence, but from the right to left. That's all.
In conclusion: while designing furniture in the kitchen, remember – there is never an extra place to store cookware. The more shelves, drawers and a locker — the better.

Next time we will discuss the cookware — knives, boards (cabbage and the Kings ;-)) and other things we can’t do without in our kitchen

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