let loose

let loose  {v.}
To set free; loosen or give up your hold on.
The farmer opened the gate and let the bull loose in the pasture.
They turned the balloon loose to let it rise in the air.
1b. or turn loose
To give freedom (to someone) to do something; to allow (someone) to do what he wants.
Mother let Jim loose on the apple pie.
The children were turned loose in the toy store to pick the toys they wanted.
1c. To stop holding something; loosen your hold.
Jim caught Ruth's arm and would not let loose.
Compare: LET GO, LET OUT.
2a.  {informal}
To let or make (something) move fast or hard; release.
The fielder let loose a long throw to home plate after catching the ball.
2b.  {informal}
To release something held.
Those dark clouds are going to let loose any minute.
3.  {informal}
To speak or act freely; disregard ordinary limits.
The teacher told Jim that some day she was going to let loose and tell him what she thought of him.
Mother let loose on her shopping trip today and bought things for all of us.

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