put in

put in  {v.}
1. To add to what has been said; say (something) in addition to what others say.
While the boys were discussing the car accident, Ben put in that the road was icy.
My father put in a word for me and I got the job.
2. To buy and keep in a store to sell.
He put in a full stock of drugs.
3. To spend (time).
He put in many years as a printer.
He put in an hour a day reading.
4. To plant.
He put in a row of radishes.
5. To stop at a port on a journey by water.
After the fire, the ship put in for repairs.
6. To apply; ask. — Used with "for".
When a better job was open, he put in for it.
The sailor put in for time to visit his family before the ship went to sea.
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