tie up

tie up  {v. phr.}
1. To show or stop the movement or action of; hinder; tangle.
The crash of the two trucks tied up all traffic in the center of town.
The strike tied up the factory.
2. To take all the time of.
The meeting will tie the President up until noon.
The Senate didn't vote because a debate on a small point kept it tied up all week.
He can't see you now. He's tied up on the telephone.
3. To limit or prevent the use of.
His money is tied up in a trust fund and he can't take it out.
Susan tied up the bathroom for an hour.
4. To enter into an association or partnership; join.
Our company has tied up with another firm to support the show.
5. To dock.
The ships tied up at New York.
6.  {slang}
To finish; complete.
We've talked long enough; let's tie up these plans and start doing things.
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