weigh in

weigh in  {v.}
1a. To take the weight of; weigh.
The man at the airport counter weighed in our bags and took our plane tickets.
A doctor weighed in the wrestlers.
1b. To have yourself or something that you own weighed. — Often used with "at".
I weighed in at 100 pounds on the scale today.
We took our bags to the airport counter to weigh in.
1c. To have yourself weighed as a boxer or wrestler by a doctor before a match. — Often used with "at".
The champion didn't want to weigh in at more than 160 pounds.
2.  {slang}
To join or interfere in a fight, argument, or discussion.
We told Jack that if we wanted him to weigh in with his opinion we would ask him.
Compare: TAKE PART.
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