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1. Planning the Interior
First of all let's settle with the kitchen furniture and […]

2. Knives
It is time to talk about chef’s essentials - about […]

3. Cutting-boards Essentials
Continuing with the cutting and chopping subject we pass to […]

4. Auxiliary Utensils
At the conclusion of the "cold" culinary weapons (knives), we have […]

5. Kitchen Range, Stove and Ventilation
We begin consideration of light and heavy machine-assisted kitchen inventory […]

6. Pans and Pots
The artical is not available in English yet.

a) Your Cooking Place
Now, let's split the dish preparation sequence into components. Fortunately, […]

b) Are you left- or right-handed?
Next step is to determine if you are left- or […]

c) Cutting zone, stove and ventilation
Let’s move on The oven (or stove) is directly bordered […]

Choosing Kitchen Knives
From all the great diversity of kitchen knives, the amateur […]