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a must
[a must] {n.} 1. An inevitability; a necessity. * /Visas in […]

a number
[a number] {n.} A rather large number; numbers. - Used when […]

a pretty pass
[a pretty pass] {n. phr.} An unfortunate condition; a critical state. […]

abide by
[abide by] {v.} To accept and obey; be willing to follow. […]

about face
[about face] {n.} A sudden change of course or a decision […]

about one's ears
[about one's ears] or [around one's ears] {adv. phr.} To or […]

about time
[about time] {n. phr.} Finally, but later than it should have […]

about to
[about to] 1. Close to; ready to. - Used with an […]

above all
[above all] {adv. phr.} Of first or highest importance; most especially. […]

above suspicion
[above suspicion] {adj. phr.} Too good to be suspected; not likely […]