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death knell
[death knell] {n.}, {formal} 1. The ringing of a bell at […]

except for
[except for] or {formal} [but for] {prep.} 1. With the exception […]

fall on
[fall on] or [fall upon] {v.} 1. To go and fight […]

for as much as
[for as much as] {conj.}, {formal} Because; since. * /For as […]

give voice
[give voice] {v. phr.}, {formal} To tell what you feel or […]

go for nothing
[go for nothing] also {formal} [go for naught] {v. phr.} To […]

have a care
[have a care] {v. phr.}, {formal} To be careful what you […]

have done
[have done] {v.}, {formal} To stop; finish. * /When the teacher […]

heart goes out to
[heart goes out to] {formal} You feel very sorry for; you […]

hold one's peace
[hold one's peace] {v. phr.}, {formal} To be silent and not […]