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go to waste
[go to waste] {v. phr.} To be wasted or lost; not […]

good buddy
[good buddy] {n.}, {slang}, {citizen's band radio jargon} Salutation used by […]

[heavy-footed] {adj.} 1. Slow and clumsy in walking or movement; awkward […]

hot rod
[hot rod] {n.}, {informal} An older automobile changed so that it […]

[hush-hush] {adj.}, {informal} Kept secret or hidden; kept from public knowledge; […]

kick down
[kick down] {v. phr.}, {slang} To shift an automobile, jeep, or […]

out of gas
[out of gas] {adv. phr.} 1. Out of fuel (said of […]

seat belt
[seat belt] {n.} A strong strap used to protect a person […]

[souped-up] {adj.}, {informal} More powerful or faster because of changes and […]

take on
[take on] {v.} 1. To receive for carrying; be loaded with. […]