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mud in your eye
[mud in your eye] {n. phr.}, {informal} A cheering exclamation when […]

perish the thought
[perish the thought] {v. phr.} Let us not even think of […]

right on
[right on] {adj.}, {interj.}, {slang}, {informal} 1. Exclamation of animated approval […]

so it goes
[so it goes] Akin to the French "c'est la vie!". This […]

somebody up there loves/hates me
[somebody up there loves/hates me] {slang} An expression intimating that an […]

son of a gun
[son of a gun] {n. phr.}, {slang} 1. A bad person; […]

[Upsadaisy!] or [Upsee-daisy!] or [Upsy-daisy!] {adv. phr.} - A popular exclamation […]