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choke up
[choke up] {v.} 1a. To come near losing calmness or self-control […]

come over
[come over] {v.} To take control of; cause sudden strong feeling […]

cool down
[cool down] or [cool off] {v.} To lose or cause to […]

dear me
[dear me] {interj.} Used to show surprise, fear, or some other […]

[devil-may-care] {adj.} Not caring what happens; unworried. * /Johnny has a […]

ears burn
[ears burn] {informal} To feel embarrassment or shame at hearing others […]

feel for someone
[feel for someone] {v. phr.}, {informal} To be able to sympathize […]

feel in one's bones
[feel in one's bones] or [know in one's bones] {v. phr.} […]

feel low
[feel low] {v. phr.} To be depressed; be in low spirits. […]

feel one's oats
[feel one's oats] {v. phr.}, {slang} 1. To feel frisky or […]