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big top
[big top] {n.} The main tent under which a circus gives […]

bread and butter
[bread and butter] (1) {n. phr.} The usual needs of life; […]

[catch-as-catch-can] {adj. phr.} Using any means or method; unplanned; free. * […]

change of life
[change of life] {n. phr.} The menopause (primarily in women). * […]

Charles Darwin
A man who dares to waste one hour of life has […]

charmed life
[charmed life] {n.} A life often saved from danger; a life […]

come to life
[come to life] See: [COME ALIVE].

cracked up
[cracked up] {adj. phr.}, {informal} Favorably described or presented; praised. - […]

cut off
[cut off] {v.} 1. To separate or block. * /The flood […]

cut one's losses
[cut one's losses] {v. phr.} To stop spending time, money, or […]