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boss one around
[boss one around] {v. phr.} To keep giving someone orders; to […]

botch up
[botch up] {v. phr.} To ruin, spoil, or mess something up. […]

bottom dollar
[bottom dollar] {n.}, {v. phr.}, {informal} One's last penny, one's last […]

bottom drop out
[bottom drop out] or [bottom fall out] {v. phr.} {informal} 1. […]

bottom out
[bottom out] {v. phr.} To reach the lowest point (said chiefly […]

bound up with
[bound up with] {v. phr.} To be connected; be involved with. […]

brave it out
[brave it out] {v. phr.} To endure something difficult or dangerous […]

brazen it out
[brazen it out] {v. phr.} To pretend you did nothing wrong; […]

break a leg
[break a leg] {v. phr.} Is said to actors for good […]

break away
[break away] or [break loose] {v. phr.} To liberate oneself from […]