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fast talker
[fast talker] {n.}, {slang}, {informal} A con artist or a swindler, […]

fat chance
[fat chance] {n. phr.}, {slang} Little or no possibility; almost no […]

fat city
[fat city] {n.}, {slang} A state of contentment due to wealth […]

fed up
[fed up] {informal} also {slang} [fed to the gills] or [fed […]

feel a draft
[feel a draft] {v. phr.}, {slang} To have the sensation that […]

feel no pain
[feel no pain] {v. phr.}, {slang} To be drunk. * /After […]

feel one's oats
[feel one's oats] {v. phr.}, {slang} 1. To feel frisky or […]

[flakeball] or [flake] {n.}, {slang}, {drug culture} A disjointed, or "flaky" […]

flash in the pan
[flash in the pan] {n. phr.}, {slang} A person or thing […]

[flatfoot] {n.}, {slang}, {derogatory} A policeman. * /"What does Joe do […]