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discretion is the better part of valor
[discretion is the better part of valor] {literary} When you are […]

draw and quarter
[draw and quarter] {v. phr.}, {literary} 1. To execute someone in […]

[eye-filling] {adj.}, {literary} Attractive to the eye; beautiful; especially grand; splendid; […]

ferret out
[ferret out] {literary} or [smell out] or [sniff out] {v.} To […]

fine feathers do not make fine birds
[fine feathers do not make fine birds] {literary} A person who […]

for the time being
[for the time being] also {literary} [for the nonce] {adv. phr.} […]

full of the moon
[full of the moon] {n. phr.}, {literary} The moon when it […]

game is not worth the candle
[game is not worth the candle] {literary} What is being done […]

gird one's loins
[gird one's loins] {v. phr.}, {literary} To prepare for action; get […]

give an ear to
[give an ear to] or [lend an ear to] {v. phr.}, […]