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in behalf of
[in behalf of] or [on behalf of] {prep.}, {formal} 1. In […]

in case of
[in case of] also [in the event of] {prep.} In order […]

in charge of
[in charge of] {prep.} 1. Responsible for; having supervision or care […]

in consequence of
[in consequence of] {prep.}, {formal} As a result of. * /In […]

in defiance of
[in defiance of] {prep.} Acting against; in disobedience to. * /The […]

in favor of
[in favor of] {prep.} On the side of; in agreement with. […]

in for
[in for] {prep.}, {informal} Unable to avoid; sure to get. * […]

in honor of
[in honor of] {prep.} As an honor to; for showing respect […]

in league with
[in league with] or {informal} [in cahoots with] {prep.} In secret […]

in line with
[in line with] {prep.} In agreement with. * /Behavior at school […]