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ball game
[ball game] {n.}, {slang}, also {informal} The entire matter at hand; […]

ball up
[ball up] {v.}, {slang} To make a mess of; confuse. * […]

banana oil
[banana oil] {n.}, {slang} Flattery that is an obvious exaggeration; statements […]

basket case
[basket case] {n.}, {slang}, {also informal} 1. A person who has […]

bats in one's belfry
[bats in one's belfry] or [bats in the belfry] {n. phr.}, […]

[be-in] {n.}, {slang}, {hippie culture} A gathering or social occasion with […]

beach bunny
[beach bunny] {n.}, {slang} An attractive girl seen on beaches - […]

bear in the air
[bear in the air] or [bear in the sky] {n. phr.}, […]

bear trap
[bear trap] {n.}, {slang}, {citizen's band radio jargon} A police radar […]

beat about the bush
[beat about the bush] or [beat around the bush] {v. phr.}, […]