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make love
[make love] {v. phr.} 1. To be warm, loving, and tender […]

not to give one the time of day
[not to give one the time of day] {v. phr.}, {slang}, […]

on the mend
[on the mend] {adj. phr.} Healing; becoming better. * /John's broken […]

pass over
[pass over] or [pass by] {v.} To give no attention to; […]

pecking order
[pecking order] {n.} The way people are ranked in relation to […]

[relation] See: [IN RELATION TO] or [WITH RELATION TO].

send to the minors
[send to the minors] {v. phr.} To dismiss someone; tell them […]

take a dig at
[take a dig at] {v. phr.} To attack verbally; offend; denigrate. […]

take after
[take after] {v.} To be like because of family relationship; to […]

[vibrations] or [vibes] {n.} Psychic emanations radiating from an object, situation, […]