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vote a straight ticket
[vote a straight ticket] {v. phr.} To not differentiate one's ballot […]

vote in
[vote in] {v. phr.} To elevate to the status of "Law […]

vote one out
[vote one out] {v. phr.} To terminate one's elected office by […]

wade through
[wade through] {v. phr.} To read through something long and laborious. […]

wait at table
[wait at table] or [wait on table] or [wait table] {v. […]

wait on hand and foot
[wait on hand and foot] {v. phr.} To serve in every […]

wait up
[wait up] {v. phr.} To not go to bed until a […]

walk a tightrope
[walk a tightrope] {v. phr.} To be in a dangerous or […]

walk on air
[walk on air] {v. phr.}, {informal} To feel happy and excited. […]

walk on eggs
[walk on eggs] {v. phr.} To act with utmost caution due […]