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on pain of
[on pain of] also [under pain of] {prep.}, {formal} At the […]

partake of
[partake of] {v.}, {formal} 1. To take some of; receive a […]

possessed of
[possessed of] {adj. phr.}, {formal} In possession of; having; owning. * […]

quite a few
[quite a few] or [quite a number] also {formal} [not a […]

quite a little
[quite a little] or {informal} [quite a bit] also {formal} [not […]

search one's heart
[search one's heart] or [search one's soul] {v. phr.}, {formal} To […]

set aside
[set aside] {v.} 1. To separate from the others in a […]

set forth
[set forth] {v.}, {formal} 1. To explain exactly or clearly. * […]

so be it
[so be it] also [be it so] {adv. phr.}, {formal} 1. […]

take one's leave
[take one's leave] or [take leave of] {v. phr.}, {formal} To […]