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[foot] See: [AT ONE'S FEET], [COLD FEET], [DEAD ON ONE'S FEET], […]

force one's hand
[force one's hand] {v. phr.} To make you do something or […]

fork over
[fork over] or [fork out] also [fork up] {v.} To pay; […]

free hand
[free hand] {n.} Great freedom. * /The teacher had a free […]

free rein
[free rein] {n.} Freedom to do what you want. * /The […]

from hand to hand
[from hand to hand] {adv. phr.} From one person to another […]

from hand to mouth
[from hand to mouth] See: [LIVE FROM HAND TO MOUTH].

get out of hand
[get out of hand] See: [OUT OF HAND], [OUT OF CONTROL].

get the upper hand on
[get the upper hand on] See: [UPPER HAND].

give a hand
[give a hand] See: [LEND A HAND].