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look bleak
[look bleak] {v.} To indicate misfortune; appear threatening or ruinous. * […]

make haste
[make haste] {v. phr.} To move fast; hurry. - Rarely used […]

not for the world
[not for the world] or [not for worlds] {adv. phr.} Not […]

put one's foot in it
[put one's foot in it] or [put one's foot in one's […]

rough up
[rough up] {v.} To attack or hurt physically; treat roughly; beat. […]

round off
[round off] {v.} 1. To make round or curved. * /John […]

safe and sound
[safe and sound] {adj. phr.} Not harmed; not hurt; safe and […]

settle a score
[settle a score] also [wipe out an old score] To hurt […]

shoot up
[shoot up] {v.} 1. To grow quickly. * /Billy had always […]

shrug off
[shrug off] or [shrug away] {v.} To act as if you […]