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in season
[in season] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} 1. {literary} At the proper […]

in the lap of the gods
[in the lap of the gods] also [on the knees of […]

in the wake of
[in the wake of] {prep.}, {literary} As a result of; right […]

kick against the pricks
[kick against the pricks] {v. phr.}, {literary} To fight against rules […]

law unto oneself
[law unto oneself] {n. phr.}, {literary} A person who does only […]

lay at one's door
[lay at one's door] {v. phr.}, {literary} To blame (something) on […]

lay waste
[lay waste] {v. phr.}, {literary} To cause wide and great damage […]

make merry
[make merry] {v. phr.}, {literary} To have fun, laugh, and be […]

man of parts
[man of parts] {n. phr.}, {literary} A man who has several […]

nail one's colors to the mast
[nail one's colors to the mast] {literary} To let everyone know […]