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instead of
[instead of] or [in place of] also {formal} [in lieu of] […]

next to
[next to] (2) {prep.} Just after; second to. * /Next to […]

on account of
[on account of] {prep.} As a result of; because of. * […]

on board
[on board] (1) {prep.} On (a ship). * /Joan was not […]

on pain of
[on pain of] also [under pain of] {prep.}, {formal} At the […]

on the eve of
[on the eve of] {prep.} Just before (an event). * /On […]

on the heels of
[on the heels of] {prep.} Just after; following (something, especially an […]

on the point of
[on the point of] {prep.} Ready to begin; very near to. […]

on the strength of
[on the strength of] {prep.} With faith or trust in; depending […]

on top of
[on top of] {prep.} 1. On the top of; standing or […]