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sit out
[sit out] {v.} To not take part in. * /The next […]

smooth down
[smooth down] {v.} To make calm; calm down. * /Mrs. Smith's […]

step in
[step in] {v.} 1. To go inside for a quick visit. […]

take it on the chin
[take it on the chin] {v. phr.}, {informal} 1. To be […]

tamper with
[tamper with] {v.} 1. To meddle with (something); handle ignorantly or […]

the business
[the business] {n.}, {slang} - Usually used with "give" or "get". […]

through and through
[through and through] {adv.} Completely; entirely; whole-heartedly. * /Bob was a […]

touch to the quick
[touch to the quick] {v. phr.} To hurt someone's feelings very […]

trip up
[trip up] {v.} 1. To make (someone) unsteady on the feet; […]

walk the floor
[walk the floor] {v. phr.} To walk one direction and then […]