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bottom line
[bottom line] {v.}, {informal} (stress on "bottom") To finish; to bring […]

bow and scrape
[bow and scrape] {v.} To be too polite or obedient from […]

bow out
[bow out] {v.}, {informal} 1. To give up taking part; excuse […]

bowl over
[bowl over] {v.}, {informal} 1. To knock down as if with […]

[brain-storm] {v.} To have a discussion among fellow researchers or co-workers […]

branch off
[branch off] {v.} To go from something big or important to […]

branch out
[branch out] {v.} To add new interests or activities; begin doing […]

break down
[break down] {v.} (stress on "down") 1. To smash or hit […]

break in
[break in] {v.} (stress on "in") 1a. To break from outside. […]

break into
[break into] {v.} 1. To force an entrance into; make a […]