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on top of the world
[on top of the world] or [sitting on top of the […]

puppy love
[puppy love] also [calf love] {n.}, {informal} The first love of […]

put oneself in another's place
[put oneself in another's place] or [put oneself in another's shoes] […]

search one's heart
[search one's heart] or [search one's soul] {v. phr.}, {formal} To […]

second wind
[second wind] also [second breath] {n.} 1. The easier breathing that […]

sick and tired
[sick and tired] {adj.} Feeling strong dislike for something repeated or […]

sit up and take notice
[sit up and take notice] {v. phr.}, {informal} To be surprised […]

slow burn
[slow burn] {n.}, {informal} A slowly increasing feeling of anger. * […]

snap out of
[snap out of] {v.}, {informal} To change quickly from a bad […]

sweep off one's feet
[sweep off one's feet] {v. phr.} To make (someone) have feelings […]