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hand in glove
[hand in glove] or [hand and glove] {adj.} or {adv. phr.} […]

hand in hand
[hand in hand] {adv. phr.} 1. Holding hands. * /Bob and […]

hand it to
[hand it to] {v. phr.}, {informal} To admit the excellence of; […]

hand off
[hand off] {v.} To hand the football to another back. * […]

hand on
[hand on] {v.} To pass along to the next person who […]

hand out
[hand out] {v.}, {informal} To give (things of the same kind) […]

hand over
[hand over] {v.} To give control or possession of; give (something) […]

hand over fist
[hand over fist] {adv. phr.}, {informal} Fast and in large amounts. […]

hand over hand
[hand over hand] {adv. phr.} By taking hold with one hand […]

hand something to someone on a silver platter
[hand something to someone on a silver platter] {v. phr.} To […]