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big hand
[big hand] {n.} Loud and enthusiastic applause. * /When Pavarotti finished […]

big head
[big head] {n.}, {informal} Too high an opinion of your own […]

big house
[big house] {n.} A large jail or prison. * /The rapist […]

big lie, the
[big lie, the] {n.}, {informal} A major, deliberate misrepresentation of some […]

big shot
[big shot] or [big wig] {n.} An important or influential person. […]

big stink
[big stink] {n.}, {slang} A major scandal; a big upheaval. * […]

big time
[big time] {n.}, {informal} 1. A very enjoyable time at a […]

big top
[big top] {n.} The main tent under which a circus gives […]

big wheel
[big wheel] {n.}, {informal} An influential or important person who has […]

big yawn
[big yawn] {n.} A very boring person, story or event. * […]