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look up to
[look up to] {v.} To think of (someone) as a good […]

lord it over
[lord it over] {v. phr.} To act as the superior and […]

make for
[make for] {v.} To go toward; start in the direction of. […]

no wonder
[no wonder] also [small wonder] {adj.} Not surprising; to be expected. […]

on deposit
[on deposit] {adv. phr.} In a bank. * /I have almost […]

on one's hands
[on one's hands] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} In your care or […]

on the whole
[on the whole] {adv. phr.} 1. In the most important things; […]

once bitten, twice shy
[once bitten, twice shy] See: [BURNT CHILD DREADS THE FIRE].

pack off
[pack off] {v.}, {informal} To send away; dismiss abruptly. * /When […]

pay attention
[pay attention] {v. phr.} To listen to someone; hear and understand […]