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bingo card
[bingo card] {n.}, {slang} A response card, bound into a periodical, […]

bird watcher
[bird watcher] {n.} A person whose hobby is to study birds […]

birthday suit
[birthday suit] {n.} The skin with no clothes on; complete nakedness. […]

bitter pill
[bitter pill] {n.} Something hard to accept; disappointment. * /Jack was […]

black day
[black day] {n.} A day of great unhappiness; a disaster. * […]

black eye
[black eye] {n.} 1. A dark area around one's eye due […]

black sheep
[black sheep] {n.} A person in a family or a community […]

[blackout] {n.} 1. The darkening of a city curing an air […]

blank check
[blank check] {n.} 1. A bank check written to a person […]

blind alley
[blind alley] {n.} 1. A narrow street that has only one […]