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tar and feather
[tar and feather] {v.} To pour heated tar on and cover […]

tear down
[tear down] {v.} 1. To take all down in pieces; destroy. […]

tear up
[tear up] {v.} 1. To dig a hole in; remove the […]

tee off
[tee off] {v.} 1. To hit the golf ball from a […]

tee up
[tee up] {v.} To set the golf ball on the tee […]

tell off
[tell off] {v.} 1. To name or count one by one […]

tell on
[tell on] {v.} 1. To tire; wear out; make weak. * […]

think aloud
[think aloud] or [think out loud] {v.} To say what you […]

think better of
[think better of] {v.} To change your mind about; to consider […]

think out
[think out] {v.} 1. To find out or discover by thinking; […]