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blind date
[blind date] {n.} An engagement or date arranged by friends for […]

blind spot
[blind spot] {n.} 1. A place on the road that a […]

[blockhead] {n.}, {informal} An unusually dense, or stupid person whose head […]

[blowout] {n.} 1. An explosion of a tire or a fuse. […]

blue Monday
[blue Monday] {n.} A Monday when you have to work after […]

[bobby-soxer] {n.} A teen-aged girl. (1940s idiom) * /My two daughters, […]

body blow
[body blow] {n.}, {informal} A great disappointment; a bitter failure. * […]

body English
[body English] {n.}, {informal} The wishful attempt to make a ball […]

boiling point
[boiling point] {n.} 1. The temperature at which a liquid boils. […]

[bonehead] {n.}, {slang} An unusually dense or stupid person. * /John […]