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shoo away
[shoo away] {v. phr.} To frighten or chase away. * /When […]

sit by
[sit by] {v.} 1. To stay near; watch and care for. […]

slip off
[slip off] {v. phr.} 1. To slide off something. * /The […]

so many
[so many] (1) {adj.} 1. A limited number of; some * […]

straighten out
[straighten out] {v.} To correct a mistake; make you realize you […]

[stuck-up] {adj.}, {informal} Acting as if other people are not as […]

sure enough
[sure enough] {adv.} As expected. * /Charles was afraid he had […]

sweep under the rug
[sweep under the rug] {v. phr.} To hide or dismiss casually […]

take charge
[take charge] {v. phr.} To begin to lead or control; take […]

take in tow
[take in tow] {v. phr.} To take charge of; lead; conduct. […]