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sell snow to the Eskimos
[sell snow to the Eskimos] {v. phr.} To sell something to […]

shine up to
[shine up to] {v.}, {slang} To try to please; try to […]

[sidekick] {n.} A companion; a close friend of lesser status. * […]

[so-and-so] (2) {n.}, {informal} A person of a special kind and […]

spend the night
[spend the night] {v. phr.} To sleep somewhere. * /It was […]

spill the beans
[spill the beans] {v. phr.}, {informal} To tell a secret to […]

stab in the back
[stab in the back] (1) {v. phr.}, {slang} To say or […]

stab in the back
[stab in the back] (2) {n. phr.}, {slang} An act or […]

stick around
[stick around] {v.}, {informal} To stay or wait nearby. * /John's […]

stick by one
[stick by one] {v. phr.} To support; remain loyal to. * […]