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tear around
[tear around] {v. phr.} To be constantly on the go; dash […]

thanks to
[thanks to] {prep.} 1. With the help of. * /Thanks to […]

think up
[think up] {v.} To invent or discover by thinking; have a […]

tie down
[tie down] {v.} To keep (someone) from going somewhere or doing […]

tuck in
[tuck in] {v. phr.} To place the covers carefully around the […]

ugly duckling
[ugly duckling] {n.} An ugly or plain child who grows up […]

[Upsadaisy!] or [Upsee-daisy!] or [Upsy-daisy!] {adv. phr.} - A popular exclamation […]

wee hours
[wee hours] The crack of dawn, or just before it, usually […]

what with
[what with] {prep.} Because; as a result of. * /I couldn't […]

with child
[with child] {adv. phr.}, {literary} Going to have a baby; pregnant. […]