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stick with
[stick with] {v. phr.} To unfairly thrust upon; encumber one with. […]

take at one's word
[take at one's word] {v. phr.} To believe everything (someone) says; […]

take liberties
[take liberties] {v. phr.} To act toward in too close or […]

take one's name in vain
[take one's name in vain] {v. phr.} 1. To call upon […]

take up the cudgels for
[take up the cudgels for] {v. phr.}, {literary} To come to […]

tamper with
[tamper with] {v.} 1. To meddle with (something); handle ignorantly or […]

the works
[the works] {n. plural}, {slang} 1. Everything that can be had […]

third degree
[third degree] {n. phr.} A method of severe grilling used to […]

this and that
[this and that] also [this, that, and the other] {n. phr.} […]

to a man
[to a man] {adv. phr.} Without exception; with all agreeing. * […]