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x-raying machine
[x-raying machine] {n.}, {slang}, {citizen's band radio jargon} Speed detection device […]

[yak-yak] or [yakety-yak] or [yakib-yak] {n.}, {slang} Much talk about little […]

[year] See: [ALONG IN YEARS] or [ON IN YEARS].

year in, year out
[year in, year out] See: [DAY IN AND DAY OUT].

[year-round] or [year-around] {adj.} Usable, effective, or operating all the year. […]

yellow around the gills
[yellow around the gills] See: [GREEN AROUND THE GILLS].

yellow journalism
[yellow journalism] {n. phr.} Cheap and sensational newspaper writing; inflammatory language […]

[yellow-bellied] {adj.}, {slang} Extremely timid, cowardly. * /Joe Bennett is a […]

[yellow-livered] {adj.} Cowardly. * /The young boy greatly resented being called […]

yeoman service
[yeoman service] {n. phr.} Help in time of need; serviceable and […]