бить баклуши

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бить баклуши  {v. phr.}  {informal}
To do nothing, to idle, to dawdle, to fool (away), to fritter away one's time
Usually in unfavourable sence:
Хватит бить баклуши! Ану-ка быстро за дело! — Stop foolling away! Now let's get to work!
Бить баклуши ( {literally} to beat the chips) — to cut a log into several blocks, to round them off outside and gouge inside. The blocks (chips) have been then used to produce spoons and other cooking battery of wood.
Preparing the half-finished product (the chip) was considered easy and simple, requiring no special skills. Therefore, the meaning is - "to do something unimportant or not worthwhile" or "to do nothing".
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