ни пуха ни пера!

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 {literally} (wish you) neither fur, nor feather!
~Break a leg (Tnx to !plexuz =) )
Wishing good luck, success to smb. in sth.
Usually an unalterable interjection.
The phrase was used as an indirect (negative) farewell "spell" said to hunters leaving for a hunt and aiming to spoof and scare devilry.
It was believed that direct good luck wishing could put the evil eye on the hunters and overlook the luck.
A rude reply — "К чёрту!" (Go to devil!) should make the hunter even more safer.
Перед экзаменом студенты обычно говорят друг другу: «Ни пуха ни пера!» — Students usually wish good luck to each other before they take an exam.
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