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according as
[according as] {conj.} 1. Depending on which; whichever. * /You may […]

as if
[as if] or [as though] {conj.} 1. As (he, she, it) […]

as long as
[as long as] or [so long as] {conj.} 1. Since; because; […]

as soon as
[as soon as] {conj.} Just after; when; immediately after. * /As […]

as well as
[as well as] {conj.} In addition to; and also; besides. * […]

for as much as
[for as much as] {conj.}, {formal} Because; since. * /For as […]

in case
[in case] {adv. phr.}, {informal} 1. In order to be prepared; […]

in order to
[in order to] or [so as to] {conj.} For the purpose […]

in that
[in that] {conj.} For the reason that; because. * /I like […]

inasmuch as
[inasmuch as] {conj.} 1. See: [INSOFAR AS]. 2. also [for as […]