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add fuel to the flame
[add fuel to the flame] {v. phr.} To make a bad […]

against the grain
[against the grain] {adv. phr.} 1. Across rather than with the […]

American Idioms
American Idiomatic Expressions This online dictionary of idioms and phrases […]

as if
[as if] or [as though] {conj.} 1. As (he, she, it) […]

bad blood
[bad blood] {n.}, {informal} Anger or misgivings due to bad relations […]

bite one's head off
[bite one's head off] {v. phr.} To answer someone in great […]

boiling point
[boiling point] {n.} 1. The temperature at which a liquid boils. […]

bull in a china shop
[bull in a china shop] {n. phr.} A rough or clumsy […]

burn up
[burn up] {v.} 1. To burn completely; destroy or be destroyed […]

carry away
[carry away] {v.} To cause very strong feeling; excite or delight […]