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a friend in need is a friend indeed
[a friend in need is a friend indeed] A genuine friend […]

American Idioms
American Idiomatic Expressions This online dictionary of idioms and phrases […]

at sea
[at sea] (2) {adj. phr.} Not knowing what to do; bewildered; […]

best man
[best man] {n.} The groom's aid (usually his best friend or […]

beyond the pale
[beyond the pale] {adv.} or {adj. phr.} In disgrace; with no […]

birds of a feather flock together
[birds of a feather flock together] People who are alike often […]

blind date
[blind date] {n.} An engagement or date arranged by friends for […]

[blowout] {n.} 1. An explosion of a tire or a fuse. […]

bosom friend
[bosom friend] {n. phr.} A very close friend; an old buddy […]

[boyfriend] {n.}, {informal} 1. A male friend or companion. * /"John […]