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American Idioms
American Idiomatic Expressions This online dictionary of idioms and phrases […]

brown study
[brown study] {n. phr.} A time of deep thought about something; […]

eating one
[eating one] {v. phr.} To cause someone to be angry or […]

in a bad frame of mind
[in a bad frame of mind] {adv. phr.} In an unhappy […]

in a good frame of mind
[in a good frame of mind] {adv. phr.} In a happy […]

in the mood (for)
[in the mood (for)] {adj. phr.} 1. Interested in doing something. […]

mad as a hornet
[mad as a hornet] or [mad as hops] or [mad as […]

out of sorts
[out of sorts] {adj. phr.} In an angry or unhappy mood; […]

screw up one's courage
[screw up one's courage] or [pluck up one's courage] {v. phr.} […]

see the light
[see the light] {v. phr.}, {informal} To understand or agree, often […]