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be off

be off  {v. phr.}
1.  {v.} Ошибаться, просчитываться.
The estimator was off by at least 35% on the value of the house.
2.  {v.} Покидать, уходить.
Jack ate his supper in a hurry and was off without saying goodbye.
3.  {adj.} Отмененный; прекращенный.
The weather was so bad that we were told that the trip was off.
4.  {adj.} Сумасшедший.
I'm sure Aunt Mathilda is a bit off; no one in her right mind would say such things.
5.  {adj.} Быть свободным от работы, в отпуске.
Although we were off for the rest of the day, we couldn't go to the beach because it started to rain.
Категории: crazy time {adj.} {v. phr.} {v.}